Possible types of YouTube video making

by Ranjan Barman

In this article, you will see the minimum to maximum requirements that you need for YouTube video making. First I tell you, if you don’t have a camera or webcam then also you can create videos for your YouTube channel with the help of some free software that I have discussed in this article.

I found these three free Software are very helpful in YouTube video making.

  1. Open Broadcaster Software.
  2. Windows movie maker
  3. Freemake video converter

How to make YouTube videos without an extra investment?

Well, it is interesting. Making a video without a camera! Yes, it’s true. First download two free software those are Windows movie maker and Open Broadcaster Software. Windows movie maker is a free software and very easy to use. You may be familiar with MS Power Point and MS Paint. We can join one by one slide and also audios from a mic and create a video with running slides of pictures and information. You may call it a video editing software. You also can use it as a video converter. It can convert very high sized video (captured by a digital camera or webcam) into very small size without changing the picture and sound quality. But with Open Broadcaster Software you can record your computer screen and at the same time, you can add audio with a mic.OBC software looks very simple but you may find its settings little complex. I suggest to watch some videos on YouTube about its adjustment and try to adjust it according to your PC capacity. Once you adjust its settings then you are the king!

The video file that you will record in Open Broadcaster Software may be huge in size or unsupportable. In this case, before you upload it on YouTube I suggest you convert the video with Freemake video converter software into a lower sized file (like mp4 format).

YouTube itself is a video editor software. After uploading a video you can edit it very easily in many ways.

When you are investing to make qualitative videos:

Hardware requirements:

  1. Webcam,
  2. White Board and marker,
  3. Digital Camera,
  4. camera stand,
  5. Digital Pen Tablet,
  6. Sound Recorder,
  7. Light stand and light.

Possible types of YouTube videos that can be created with the above hardware and software:

With the tools, you can make many types of videos for your YouTube channel. I have separated the video types,

  1. Digital camera + camera stand + Whiteboard. (Facing camera, tutorial video)
  2. Digital camera + camera stand + A4 page. (Not facing camera, tutorial video)
  3. Digital camera + camera stand. (Facing camera, advisable video)
  4. Webcam + Whiteboard (Facing camera, tutorial video)
  5. Webcam (Facing camera, advisable video)
  6. Webcam + Open Broadcaster Software (Screen recording, facing camera)
  7. Open Broadcaster Software (Only screen recording)

One thing I want to mention here that is, if you are hesitating whether you should buy a digital camera or a webcam first then I suggest you buy a webcam first. You will see that the price of a webcam is very low than a digital camera. You can also see above that a webcam is almost replaceable entity with a digital camera. So if are a starter then you can start your YouTube career with a webcam. Though you will need a digital camera later for advanced video making.

* The size of recorded videos by a digital camera/webcam/screen recorder will be huge. If you try to upload the videos to your YouTube channel without converting the size then it will take a long time. But if you import the videos into windows movie maker and from there you save it to desktop or other drives then the size of the video will be very small i.e, 1/10. For non-importable videos in windows movie maker, you can use Freemake video converter (or any other video converter you know) to make the video smaller in size.
If you want more control on your tutorial videos then I recommend you to purchase a digital pen tablet.
8. Webcam + Open Broadcaster Software
+ Digital pen tablet (Screen recording, facing a camera, using digital paper and digital pen).

You also can buy some light stands and lights for video quality control.

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