Publish your talent with kindle direct publishing

by Ranjan Barman

Naturally when we start for earning then we don’t have any money in our hand to invest. Besides we don’t have any experience about what we can do or What talent is inbuilt in our DNA. If you are looking for anyway online/offline then I have something to tell you that I started with zero investment!

Write text near about 1000 words or more, upload it, set price, get loyalty If you are a good story writer then or adviser, if you think that you have something that you know better and people may like it then I tell you to write a good content in MS Dos then open a kindle direct publishing account. There in KDP you very easily can upload your file, select free book cover from amazon’s free gallery, set your price then save and publish. You will see that in one/two days your book will be live to the world in amazon’s websites. The good news is you can sell very small books here. Your book will be accepted if you can write near about 1000 words. To receive the loyalty from per book sell on amazon you just have to link your bank A/C with amazon. You better read the terms and condition to know more. There is more good news you can daily update your eBook, like the first day you wrote 1000 words, second day you write more 500 words like this day by day you increase your content, increase your price and get more loyalty.

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