Step by step guide to open free blog through WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. If you are going to open a blog then this tutorial will help you to open a free blogging site through WordPress. You also can make money by affiliate marketing from the free website if you want. But you won’t be able to use google adsense in this free website. WordPress will use their adsense ads in your free website.

From a free blog you will be able to

  1. Publish articles,
  2. Share articles link,
  3. Add affiliate links and banners in the articles,
  4. Add YouTube videos,
  5. Add pictures in the articles.
  6. Change and use free themes

Besides you will get 3 GB web space where you can keep images and small size videos of your own. But as it is free there are some restrictions too.

You won’t be able to

  1. Use your own adsense ads,
  2. Install free plugins in your website,
  3. Get e mails of your subscribers,
  4. Get personal subscribers,
  5. Modify or edit the theme design,
  6. Use every place of the website,

Besides you won’t have a direct personal web address for your website unless you buy it from WordPress. It will be a sub domain of

A book that I recommend for new bloggers:
Amazon India: Blogging For Dummies
Amazon US: Blogging For Dummies

Step by step guide:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Click on “Create Website”

Step 3 select one of the following category:

Arts & Entertainment
Writing & Books
Family, Home, & Lifestyle
Health & Wellness
Education & Organizations
Business & Services

Each of the categories has some subcategories that you have to select.

Step 4:

You have to select a home page design for your free blog or website

There are three designs

  1. A list of my latest posts.
  2. A welcome page for my site.
  3. A grid of my latest posts.

Remember whatever you select you will be able to change it later so don’t hesitate.

Step 5:

After that you have to select a free theme and then a sub-domain name. The name should be unique and not registered to WordPress previously.

If you already own a domain then you can connect it with WordPress. For now you can go with the free sub-domain. I have searched with the name “blogrator” and below I got a address to select “”. This address is free to select and use. But the addresses you can see below them “” and “” are not free. You have to purchase them if you want them. So I selected the free sub-domain address

Step 6:

Now we have to create an account. To create an account we will need an email address, a unique user name and a password.

In one minute or two the WordPress will be installed to your sub-domain address. Now or later you must confirm the e mail you will have provided.

Here I go! my free website with the free sub-domain address has been created and live. I must now confirm my email now.

Step 7:

Open your email account there you will fin a mail from WordPress. If you find no mail from WordPress in your inbox then search in the junk/spam folder. Open the email and click on confirm button.

A book that I recommend for new bloggers:
Amazon India: Blogging For Dummies
Amazon US: Blogging For Dummies

Some external links may be my affiliate links. If you make any purchase then it won’t cost you an extra penny. I have recommended the products because it may help you to know about the topic better.

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