Human suffering and the steps towards a golden future

Better days, better future –without pains and sufferings… We all want a better life. Wherever we go we see people suffering from various problems-healths, money, carrier, relationship, family and so on…

We know we can’t change the society right now but we can start it with ourselves. Yeah it seems very difficult if we are given the responsibility to change the society. It’s true that it’s hard but not impossible. In my opinion, being the individual means a lot, it means you’re unique, it means you’re bold and most importantly you’re a person with infinite power.

If one wishes, then he/she can change everything and most importantly he/she can change the society. Drops of water can make an ocean; single coins can make a beggar rich, so why can’t a person bring change in the society? If one works for good and has great determination then he/she can make the mountain bow down. So, it’s not a big deal to change the deflected society.

Life gives us enough opportunity to make a difference every day, if not in the society as a whole but to individuals.

We should stop hating and judging everyone. We don’t know what others are going through. We should love and support each other.

Stop being blind to people who need help on the streets. Often accident victims die because they do not get help on time. I know we’re all busy people but only a small help can make a big difference. A small help can make us feel better.

Be the change what you wish to see.