How were we created? – A question that bothers me from childhood

I am not satisfied till now from the answers I got from the people. How the universe was created so perfectly and beautifully? Did any architect create this or it was automatically created by itself? Was it the result of the Big Bang Theory that is believed by most of the scientists? Or the universe was the result of some experiments that was done by some external force from the outside of the universe? Or the entire universe is nothing but just an atom?

In my childhood I used to believe that there must be something more out there I mean the outside of the universe.

After studying programming I used to think we are the objects of some popular online game where every life is controlled by users from the outside system. And we follow the instructions from the users. Whenever I got an idea, I see it as an instruction from the user who is controlling my character.

If so then the Earth is not a place for fun. We are the characters responsible for fun for the other characters outside the game.

Then I can imagine the other countries are the different teams like clans. And a clan can consist of so many characters that provide resource, energy and others to the clan.

So already the clans fought twice for some reasons and they are making themselves stronger to fight better next time till the end.

There are so many reasons have been created by the developer of the game to fight inside a country and between the countries and with the aliens (difficult level). So when we fight the controllers enjoy.

I know I am crazy because I am thinking this way. Can you prove me wrong with your imagination? I would love to be proved wrong.

I will write more on this topic…