Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Dear All,

The topic which I chose today is a debatable topic from long back.But let’s ananlyse and compare it with today’s generation.Its gonna be fun!!!!

Now lets see what is Love marriage?

Love marriage is defined in Indian culture as when two couples marry each other by spending time together and get to know each other and finally decide to marry after a certain period of time with or without their  parents support is known love marriage.

On the other hand, when a girl meets a boy first time amongst her relatives and vice versa and both say yes to marriage after a first glance at each other with whole families support is known as arranged marriage.

Well ,the fact is both marriages has its own complications and have equal number of troubles.

Love Marriage

In today’s generation,youngster do not know the actual meaning of love.They get confused between infactuation and love.

Media is to blame for this as the visuals spoil the youngsters and make them to indulge in unnecessary activities at an young age.There needs to be maturity for falling into love.

Love has become a time pass for today’s generation as no one is taking it seriously.

Love should be pure enough and both should have a deep understanding.Both should stand together whatever the issues arise.Love should be mature enough to act according to the situation.

If you attain the age of marriage,go and make parents realize the depth of your love and get married without hurting your parents.Respect your parents in such scenarios because they know what is good and bad for you.

Parents are also supporting love marriage nowadays.It was long back when caste,religion and language had importance.

Today inter-caste marriages are happening in India more frequently .


Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage is very rarely found these days ,as life partner cannot be chosen on a single glance.

At olden days,  parents decide the match for their daughter or son.Parents always would love their children to be happy and hence they will definitely choose the best partner for their daughter or son.

They see if the groom is well educated and settled,in job,have good habits,have good family background and stay in a decent environment.

For bride,they will see her humbleness,beauty,education,job and her behaviour.

If all goes fine,both parents come together to peform marriage rituals,all family relatives gather and make the ceremony a grand success.

I fall in arranged marriage category, I respect my parents opinion and agreed to marry and living a wonderful life.


Whether it is an arranged or love marriage, Few things are very important to run life smoothly and happily which I follow:

1. Understanding each other

2. Sacrificing

3. Love & Affection

4. Respect for each other

5. Avoid Ego

6. Believe each other

If you follow the 6 golden rules ,your life will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!-*-