Thank You

Thank you,

Thank you for giving “Blogrator Shopping” a chance to serve you. Thank you to everyone who has ordered from Blogrator for atleast once.

On 24 March 2020, the Government of India ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

People had no way to go out and buy their daily needs. At that time Blogrators decided to help the people get the products they needed. And to make it happen I remember we used to go for shopping at 6 am till 10 am. Cause after 10 am all the shops would be closed or forced closed.

Believe me the 4 hours was not enough for us to complete the shopping for every person. So some orders we used to send the next day.

It was a complete new work to us. And yes we made lots of mistakes in the beginning. As we had no idea how this online delivery system and pricing works (e.g., grocery, vegetables, medicine, cosmetics and what not!).   

It’s been 6 months and Blogrator has come so far. And we believe we will be keep moving together.

I also thank all my team members who were and who are the part of this beautiful work. I also thank to all the other online delivery teams who helped and keep helping people recover this hard time.

By Blogrator

Just an average person who dreams big.

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