The passive source of money

The passive source of money

Internet is the place where we can create our passive source of money. Most of the people think to create a passive source besides their active income. It is called passive income because you don’t need to give that much effort that you give to the active source to generate money. The money you generate from your passive source is very little compared to your active source. But you don’t need to keep focusing on the passive side and the amount increases time to time.

Passive earning is like you are making money with the works that you did once.

For example: You created a YouTube channel and uploaded 5 videos on cooking. Then you applied for Adsense program and your request was approved. Now your videos started generating money from the advertisement on your videos. First year, you got 100 subscribers and 50,000 views and made 20$. Second year, you got more 150 subscribers and 1,00,000 new views that made 50$. Like that your channel is getting more subscribers and viewers and each year you are making more money by doing nothing.

To create a passive source I gave up my active source of earning also drop out final year in college. I went through utter depression and searched for the light of hope. I have experienced a tough journey while creating a passive source of money. Now I can be a good guide for those who are about to start their journey in this way. After two years of struggling, spending my valuable time and money, I can consider myself at the stage three.

I have categorized this journey in some stages,

Stage 1:

  • You dream to have your personal website.
  • You think to earn from a computer at home.
  • You did many google searches on “How to make money from Internet?”
  • You have ideas that money can my made from YouTube videos, blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • You dream to be a millionaire.

Stage 2: 

  • You started making YouTube videos.
  • You started a free/paid blog.
  • You bought your first domain.
  • Till you have no idea how to make money!

Stage 3:

  • You have basic/advance knowledge in HTML, CSS, web design, WordPress.
  • You have knowledge in Panel hosting.
  • You received your first 100$ from Adsense.
  • Your blogging website is approved for Adsense.
  • You may have self-published books both digital and paperback.
  •  You know unique content is the most impotent thing for your website.
  • You started doing freelancing works.
  • You started giving paid services from your website.

At the stage three you know money can be really made from a computer and internet connection from home. It is also true that one can never made to stage three without any external source or active income. The stage three is a complex loop where you have to go round and round to build your knowledge and improve your works. So that you can make to stage four.

Stage 4:  

  • Successful blogger.
  • YouTube star.
  • Digital marketing expert.
  • Successful self-published author.
  • Professional web developer.

Stage 5:

  • You are running a software/Digital marketing/Media/Internet company.

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