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Tips and tricks to build perfect learning environment at home

In my previous blog, I shared about home-schooling and e learning ideas. Now we are going to
create a learning environment for the same just by the following-

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Create a space for learning

As we all know that kids need an environment to concentrate on their studies. Here I would
suggest you to have a study table and chair on the room where the light reaches naturally
through a door or window and he likes to spend time and that is free from outside invasion.
Sometimes it could be your garden, roof, or other places where your child could enjoy his
studies. Choose the place a according to your child’s preferences.

● Build routines and schedules

Prepare tasks list, study times, play times according to their activity to foster their
independence. Choose the timings carefully so they do not get bored or too tired of studying.
Scheduling should include their play times and everything thing they do so that it can visualise
their daily activities.

● Encourage to engage in work or play

To encourage them in their studies you should keep some small prizes and display their work so to keep up the good work and would also encourage them to work hard and polish their skills. You can also make them talk to their friends and loved ones after completion of their tasks. You could also sometimes teach your child through some games so that he enjoys learning this will help them to continue with their study often.

● Eliminate distractions

The most important attribute of home learning is to eliminate the distractions. This could be the presence of too many people around or some noise or other things. You should always keep the place of study clean and an isolated place to eliminate distractions.

Leave time for breaks

Sometimes it’s okay to put a day or two off from leaning. You could take your child for a
day out to the zoo or some other places where he’ll get to know about things and how they actually are ! This will help them to have a better understanding of what they are learning about in their books. Or just simply take them out for a day where they could
play with other children and socialize. Sometimes these are all the things your child needs.

● Prioritise comfort

Remember your child’s learning space should be comfortable. To enhance this process, join their learning or tasks, you can also employ their siblings to do the same. You can keep some pillows or bean bags to sit there and read our books also. But this should not be too comfortable also as this will not help in learning too. Keep it just right and see the

● Stock up your resources

Nowadays; books, curriculum, topic related videos are very easily available on the internet. To set-up your learning area you would need really good books to keep your child interested.

● Let them create their own study desk

After you are done with all the above things it’s now time to let your child setup his own study desk. Once the set-up is done you are good to go with your study space…

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