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Tricks and tips to avoid fake freelance employers.

Freelancing is a word that we all are aware of. Freelancing basically means a person who is self employed (freelancer), offers his services for many people at one time. Freelancers mainly charge at a job basis per hour or per weekly. Freelance work is basically a short time work that is the employer and the freelancer are connected to each other only for a particular time until the project completion.

These days freelancing have become much popular among students and for those who are willing to work on their spare time. Many freelancing sites have been launched through which the freelancer and the employers are connected to each other depending on the services they offer and the customer want this freelancing sites take some amount of commission like five percent to ten percent or sometimes higher. But it is seen these days ; as the the number of freelancing sites are increasing the genuineness of this work is getting distracted if you are thinking after providing freelance services be aware and check the authenticity of the website and the service providers.

Even if you are getting your freelance work through some trusted websites always check the authenticity of the service provider. If if your employer asks you for money, even if it is a very less amount like fifty rupees or hundred rupees; you should be aware and remember you should not provide a single penny on getting a job while doing freelancing because freelancing is all about getting paid for a particular job or project without investing. 

Whenever you are getting freelancing offers from an employer always do these things before accepting- 

  1. Check feedback of the employer. By doing this you will get to know about his is walking style and whether you are comfortable working with him or not. 
  2. Check the language in which the employer talks to you it shouldn’t be e very convincing because you are the one who would be convincing him to take your services.
  3. Search for authentic websites.
  4. Check their bio and profile on social media sites.
  5. View examples of their work. This will give you a clear idea about how you are going to give your services. 
  6. Contact there previous clients or employees.

Although it is not very easy to get online freelancing jobs but you should always look for a silver lining in the dark. As the market demand increases the number of malpractices increases along with the genuine employers it is very hard to find them but if you follow this simple steps and disagree to pay them any security deposit before getting the work you can simply avoid them. 

Try to tu to advertise your services, make your portfolio very neatly so that one gets easily impressed, contribute to some tutorials are articles this will also get you some jobs, market yourself and attend online meetups or webinars. 

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