Turn your pc to a local web server for testing server side scripting languages

Generally, We use our computer for client-side computing. From a client computer, one can work on client side scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVAScript etc. From a client computer, one can test the client side program codes for study or software development purpose. But if you want to work on server side scripting languages like ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, Ruby etc then for testing the codes either you have to upload the file to a server or you have to change the atmosphere of your of your PC to a local web server.

To turn your PC to a local web server you have to download XAMPP like software to your PC. Download process of this software is very easy. From www.apachefriends.org you can download the installer file for your os (Windows/Linux/X) and then you can install it to any drive. If you have previously downloaded the software before then remove the old file first and then reinstall it.

If your download process is completed then you have to open XAMPP control panel and then start Apache and MySQL.

That’s all, Now you are running a local web server on your personal computer. Now you go to your browser and write localhost or and press enter. If you correctly went through the process then you can see a webpage and it doesn’t matter you are offline/online. You have successfully installed the software.

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