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We are very experienced web design service provider in English Bazar, Malda. We have happy clients worldwide. For the first time we are giving local services. In Malda there are very few number of Web Design service providers and the charges are very high. So we have decided to give services in our locality so that the local businesses, institutions, organisations, schools get the service in accurate price.

Services we provide are listed below:


  1. A full featured WordPress website. 
  2. E Commerce website for business
  3. Website on requirement using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, PHP, MySQL.
  4. Any small change or redesign a website. 


Content is the most important part for a website. SEO friendly contents really help to improve search Engine rankings. Content development is not easy task. Google bots easily tracks the content quality and its origin. So it can never be a copy pest work or stealing ideas. Content development is very important after designing a responsive website. Because without quality content the SEO part will be useless.

Also because of the quality content or information the users or clients can get a clear idea about the business, institution or organisation. So every website should have proper content.


Without SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION your website will be unknown to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. And people will never know about your business in organic way without marketing. So without proper SEO you have to invest a lot of money to keep your website visible in search engines. So proper SEO is very important task and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing plays a very important role to knock the doors of the people who really need your service. So besides SEO every business should spend some amount on digital marketing on monthly basis for better results of a business. There are few types of digital marketing services that we provide are mentioned below,

  1. Social Media Advertisement.
  2. Email Marketing.
  3. Search Engine Advertisement (Google Adwords and Bing ads)
  4. Bulk SMS service.  
  5. YouTube Marketing (Video making for business and advertisement) 

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