What is Kuzhi PaniYaram and How to Make it?

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I am from south India and I have passion to prepare famous food items.Recently my mom shared with me a recipe called Kuzhi Paniyaram.

It is an Sоunth Indian dish made by steaming batter using a mоuld. The batter is made оf black lentils and rice and is similar in cоmpоsitiоn tо the batter used tо make idli and dоsa.The dish can alsо be made sweet оr spicy depending оn the ingredients jaggery and chillies respectively. Paniyaram is made оn a special pan that cоmes with multiple small fissures. It is knоwn by variоus names in Sоuth India, including paddu, appe, guliappa, gulittu, yeriyappa, gundpоnglu, pоnganalu.

Chettinad Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

A well known chettinad kuzhi paniyaram formula made the true way. This paniyaram turns out so cushy and taste delightful with chutney or sambar.

This is a true formula for the chettinad kuzhi paniyaram passed on to me by my mom. She made it once brought home, it was heavenly. I asked her the formula and made it instantly and it was an enormous achievement.

There is an exceptional method to estimating dal and rice. Measure crude rice in a measure of smooth its highest point. Presently top with urad dal so it is mounted like. Be that as it may, I have given a simple measure like 1 container raw rice and 1/4 glass urad dal. You have drench both of it together and crush in a blender or processor. Pounding it in a processor is ideal.


Raw Rice – 1 glass

Urad dal- ¼ glass

Fenugreek Seeds/Methi/Vendayam – ¼ tsp

Oil – 2 tblsp + for making paniyaram

Mustard Seeds/Kaduku – 1 tsp

Urad dal/Ulundu Paruppu – 1 tsp

Asafoetida/Hing/Kaya Podi – 1 squeeze

Curry leaves a bunch

Onion – 1 huge chop finely

Ginger – 1 tblsp chop finely

Green Chillies – 2 chop finely


Take rice and dal in a bowl and wash them well, include fenugreek seeds and douse them for 4 hours. Presently deplete and add it to a processor or blender and puree till smooth.

Take it in an extensive compartment, include salt and blend well. Leave to age for atleast 8 hours or overnight.

Presently warm oil in a dish, include mustard and urad dal and let them sizzle.

Include asafoetida and curry leaves and let them sizzle.

Include green chillies, ginger and onions and saute for couple of mins. Include salt and blend well.

Include this into the hitter and blend well.

Warmth a paniyaram dish with some oil, pour ladleful of player in each opening and cover and cook for 2 to 3 mins.

Flip over and cook.

Present with chutney or sambar.


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