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What is vegan? All you need to know to start vegan diet.

Veganism is basically the practice of replacing all the uses of animal products particularly in the diet and associated phiWhat is veganism ? How can you start vegan diet philosophy that rejects the the use of animal products. A person who follows the diet of philosophy is known as a vegan. In simple words it is the elimination of animal products in your daily life. 

Vegan diet can usually be healthy, but it can lack some nutrients. You may have to pay attention towards your nutritional intake and take some extra nutrients or suppliments to fulfill the needs of your body such as proteins, vitamins, iron, etc.  Vegan diet is nowadays have been trending among people who decide to go vegan for environmental, ethical, health reasons.

Vegan diet if done properly can help you getting in shape along with reduced blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Although the diet is completely based on plant foods it can sometimes lead you to some nutrients and mineral deficiency.

There are many types of vegan diets depending on how you want to do it as per your convenience. 

  • Raw food diet– it contains of eating raw fruits, vegetables, plant foods, seeds, etcetera that are hoot below 48 degree centigrade ( 114 degree Fahrenheit).
  • Whole food diet– it is based on the different varieties of whole foods that contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. 
  • 80/10/10 – it is a raw food diet that restricts the intake of fat rich foods like nuts, avocados and depends mainly on soft green vegetables and raw foods. 
  • Raw till 4 diet– it consists of eating raw fruits and vegetables till 4:00 p.m. and having a whole meal in the dinner. 
  • Starch solution diet – it is a high carb, low fat vegan diet that focuses on cooked starches like rice, potato and corn . 
  • The junk food diet– it’s basically depends on meats, cheeses, vegan desserts, fries and other heavily processed foods and excludes the intake of plant based foods completely.
  • Thrive diet- it is a raw food vegan diet that consists of cooked vegetables , while foods at a very low temperature.

All the following any of these diets properly , it will help you achieve your desired results. But it is sometimes seen that the person who has been following vegan diet are generally thinner and lacks some nutritional deficiencies in their body due to the deficiency of the carbohydrate and the nutritional values of the the animal proteins. They have lower levels of of blood sugar and cholesterol and enjoy a lower risk of cardio vascular diseases. However, the risk of bone fracture main be a cause of fearing the vegan diet because it contains very less amount of calcium content foods. It is suggested to theke vegan diet only if you are you willing and is determined tu to leave animal proteins because in a study it is seen that eighty percent of the people who started following vegan diet has stopped due to some reason on the other and has follow their normal diet which includes the intake of animal proteins like chicken mutton fish and the different types of meats.

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