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What you should do to get rid of dark circles ?

All though dark circles does not indicate that you are seriously ill but it symbolises your fatigue and makes you look tired, unhealthy and aged. It’s been a problem to many, some start to have dark circles from very young age.

Both naturally and medically there are a number of ways to get rid of dark circles that many people follow. Many of these treatments are however not permanent, but they will help reduce the appearance of darkness under your eyes.

We must know the causes that leads to dark circles before knowing the remedies.

  • Genetic disorder- if you have dark circles genetically then you cannot get rid of dark circles permanently, you can only reduce them. 
  • Insomnia- you should get a sound sleep of minimum 8 hours to relax your body muscles. Partying hard at night, smoking and drinking, and having an unbalanced life leads to dark circles. 
  • Stay hydrated- You should ensure minimum ten to twelve glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated and stay fit. Lessening the intake of water will affect your skin cells and make you look dull.
  • Check your hemoglobin levels- if you are having dark circles and that’s not because of the above mentioned causes, then you should probably get checked by a doctor to know if you are internally ill.
  • Reduce your stress levels- you should reduce your stress levels and stay calm to lessen the impacts.
  • Screen hours- sitting constantly in front of phone screens or laptop screens may also cause dark circles. Try to relax and massage your eyes to reduce your eye stress. This will not only reduce your dark circles but also reduces the chance of having eyesight realated disorders.

Some of the things that would probably help you reducing or controlling your dark circles are –

  • Coconut almond oil massage- massaging coconut and almond oil in circular motions around your eyes helps you reducing your eyes stress. After messaging the oil for about four to five minutes you should leave it for one hour and cleaning with cold water.
  • Prepare eye pack using coconut, yogut, turmeric and cucumber apply it under your eyes and leave it to dry for some time.
  • It is seen that field or grated potato specifically potato juice is very useful in listening the dark spots.
  • You can apply rose water under your eyes before going to sleep after coming back when it’s hot outside.
  • Apply tomato and lemon juice toner. Tomato juice and lemon juice both are very reputed agents when it comes to to the skin care.
  • You can also apply herbal tea bags. If you are using tea bags for having tea, you can simply put the tea bags after using them into the freezer and once when they are called applied on your under eyes and leave for five to ten minutes this reduces the dark circles magically.
  • You can apply cold milk to get rid of dark patches.

When it comes to your skin care you should always follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a proper diet. Always try to keep yourself hydrated either by having water or by having a lot of fruits in your diet. Having citrus fruits like orange, lemon, kiwi, apricot, melon, etc. helps you repair and improve your skin texture and make your skin look healthy. If you feel an healthy or too much pattern and start having darker eye patches you should definitely consult a doctor.

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