Which web hosting plan is for you?

by Ranjan Barman

If you are a beginner and you don’t have a clear concept about hosting then this article will be very helpful to remove your questions about hosting. There are two popular types of hosting options available.

  1. WordPress Hosting.
  2. Panel Hosting.

WordPress hosting option is easy to go option with many boundaries. But if you don’t have technical skill then you will find this hosting plan very helpful. You don’t have to be an expert. You can host your website here with or without any technical skill. And so it is little costly than panel hosting plans. I should tell you, from panel hosting also we can download WordPress application and use it like WordPress hosting plan. But in this case you mayn’t get premium WordPress themes to use. As you pay more for only WordPress hosting so, you get some premium facilities that you don’t get from panel by installing WordPress application. In panel if you are willing to use WordPress application for your blogging site then you can use cool themes like “twenty sixteen”. In panel hosting you get huge freedom as it has much more complexity than only WordPress hosting. (see more about panel Hosting)

Who can use panel hosting?

Anyone can. You don’t have to be an expert. Control panel hosting is useful for both the technical and non-technical
person. It gives us freedom of hosting. We get more accessibility here. If you don’t know HTML & CSS then also you can use it by downloading some popular application like WordPress (for blogging). There are many free applications to download on your server. Besides the price is lower than WordPress hosting.

Some popular panels

Plesk and C panel, these two panels are popular there are no such difference between them. But C panel is much more popular than plesk. It’s like Intel and AMD. Both panels are very powerful.

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