Why and when should you start a YouTube channel?

There is no age limit to open a YouTube account and upload videos. In this article I will describe it properly why you should be on YouTube.

There can be many reasons depending on people, so ask yourself first why do you want to be on YouTube? 

  1. To earn some money
  2. You want the world to know you (as you)
  3. You want to share your ideas
  4. You want to build your own community.

Whatever the reason is take your time, find your interests and watch what other YouTubers said about the topic. YouTube Creator Academy got your back though. When you feel ready then start your journey without wasting more time. I have heard many YouTubers to say “why didn’t I start creating earlier?”

Here I am sharing my little story; few years ago I started teaching students in my locality to make some pocket money. But after few months I started loving my work. As a local private tutor very few people used to know me that time because of my unique teaching skills, self-created formulas and methods. But I wanted to share my skills with the rest of the world.

I started YouTubing back in 2015 with the intention to make some money from here. Also I had deep intentions to inform the audience about my self-created easy teaching methods. I started uploading tutorial videos on English grammar in Bengali language. I used to see my works in the channel as my investments. One year later I started one new tutorial channel in 2016 where I started teaching “Bengali Language from English”. That channel performed better than my first channel. I have good number of audience in both of my channels.

YouTube gave me the platform to spread my skills to everywhere. Now not only local people but also the people from India, Bangladesh, UK, USA and many other countries know me for my works. I feel very happy when people contact me personally to have some talk about my work.

This is the data from “Learn Bengali” channel

The subscribers of my channels communicate with me through social media, phone, emails etc. They hire me for online classes they also buy my books. It took me almost 2 years to make my first 100$ from YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The fact is I didn’t lose hope. I had a long run vision on the channels. As of now (26th Jan 2018) I have received payments from YouTube 4 or 5 times. Though I made very little amount from YouTube but I am making extra money by giving other services to my subscribers. I have the feelings now that money is important but the happiness I get from my works are more valuable.

I feel that I have so much to learn and I am learning every moment “How to give better”.

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