Why hosting is must after purchasing a domain/website name?

We can open a website from our installed web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE etc. If our computer is connected to WWW (World Wide Web) means if it is connected to the internet then we can type the address of a website into the address bar of the browser/client application to call the hosting server of the connected domain/website name. A client application/web browser can request/call an address if the browser is connected to WWW.

Then HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) makes a request to the web server of the address/website name. Then the server responds to the HTTP request and the data becomes visible to the client application/web browser. Then the server stops the connection between the server and the client until a new request is created. The server also maintains a session. We may have seen after sometimes (if no request creates) in the banking websites then we have to re-login because it shows session timeout as it tries to protect our data/account.


  1. We can dial a number to call someone from our mobile phone.
  2. The mobile network sends a request to the local tower,
  3. Local tower redirects the request to satellite,
  4. Satellite redirects the request to the local tower of the particular network.
  5. Then local tower sends the request to receiver’s mobile phone.
  6. The receiver then receives the call.
  7. Responds to the caller.
  8. Disconnected the connection or remain silent till a new question is asked.

A domain/website must be connected to a hosting server with some rented/private space unless the files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, img, jpg, pdf, and database) can’t be accessible.

Because a domain is like a SIM card with a specific number, the mobile phone is like a hosting server with the installed application and the internal/external space of the mobile phone is like the space of the hosting server.

More information:

HTML creates the raw structure of a webpage that can be visible from a web browser.

CSS is responsible for the outside look and design of the web page.

JavaScript loads and runs in our client computer and improves the website’s functionality.

In database texts and other data/information are stored like email, phone number, password etc.

Server side scripting languages like PHP, ASP.net, Perl, Ruby etc can only interact with the database.

The databases’ data/information can be visible, embedded in HTML, to the browser.

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