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Where can I learn English at Malda in 4 months?

YST TUTORIAL CENTER is situated in Malda and is a spoken English coaching center. This center has been giving coaching to its students since 2011 for the students who wants to learn and to speak English quickly. YST TUTORIAL CENTER mainly monitors the Speaking English, Listening Skills, Writing Skills and Reading Skills of English. So that every student who joins the center can learn English in few days.

Ranjan Barman sir established this tutorial center, he is very well known English teacher. He also teaches his students by taking classes on YouTube. Students who can’t reach the tution classes they can join YouTube classes for learning.

In 2011 when Mr. Ranjan was in 11th standard he realised that he needs some money for spending it on himself. He thought he was not a child anymore to ask money everytime from his parents. He didn’t wanted to explain to his parents why he needs money for doing a particular thing. He didn’t liked it when his parents asked him the reason behind asking for the money. So he decided to earn money by himself but the problem arised when he thought what should he do for earning money without a single investment. Only thing triggered his mind is to teach students because teaching didn’t include any investment at all. His first student was suggested by his childhood friend, Mr. Ranjan have given all his efforts to teach him and make him capable enough to make good mark in the exams and the student really topped in the class after taking tutions from YST TUTORIAL CENTER. In school, the student’s friends and their parents started asking him who is the teacher he was taking tutions from. Then he told about Mr. Ranjan and then some of the students joined YST TUTORIAL CENTER. By God’s grace suddenly a large mass of students joined YST TUTORIAL CENTER but Mr. Ranjan didnot had enough space for all the students. That’s why he had to rent a place and there he started taking tutions. By the course of time many students joined and left but YST TUTORIAL CENTER remained a life changing place for everyone.

Now, it is not only a tution center but also a place from where people who have problem with English can clear out their problems very easily and start speaking, writing and reading English very smoothly. We are in 21st century and everybody have to have some knowledge about English otherwise it will be very difficult for students to cope with syllabus and so on.

With the help of YST TUTORIAL CENTER you can learn English in 4 months if you are dedicated and true to your will. Not only Spoken English class but YST offers you many more courses like Web Designing; Basics of Computer Training, C, C++ and JAVA; Internet and Web; Advanced Computer Training; HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT; PHP and MySQL; etc…

The center is functional on :
Monday: 8AM to 8PM
Tuesday: 8AM to 8PM
Wednesday: 8AM to 8PM
Thursday: 8AM to 8PM
Friday: 8AM to 8PM
Saturday: 8AM to 8PM
Sunday: 8AM to 8PM

Phone No.- 9064013966

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