Free Web Hosting

Free Hosting:

Many hosting providers (like WordPress, blogger etc) give free hosting. We can’t say free hosting is freedom. In free hosting, we don’t get full control. Like we can’t put google ads of our own to our free hosting site but the hosting provider may put the ads on our free site. This is the basic business policy of the free hosting service providers. Suppose as a company you have invested well to give a private hosting service and you have enough space. Continue reading “Free Web Hosting”

What really is web hosting?

We can never reach to a website by it’s-name until it is hosted by a server. After purchasing a domain name we must rent some space in a server where we can upload our website files and link it to the domain name. Only then a website can be found by dialing….

So, web hosting refers to a place called server where we can upload our website files and link it with our domain name that we purchased and only then one can find it by dialing it’s address.

Domain name purchasing and hosting for the beginners

I started purchasing my paid websites from GoDaddy because I could pay in Indian money using my debit card or net banking. There are other popular companies like HostGator, DreamHost and many others. Anyone can purchase a domain/website name from any single good hosting company. It is true that I found GoDaddy very helpful for me. But it’s not that others are not helpful. It is like I became familiar with it that’s why I liked it. Continue reading “Domain name purchasing and hosting for the beginners”