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Pro Freelancer

Mr Ranjan has been freelancing since 2023 and within just one year he closed 400+ orders, got 200+ five star reviews and generated $10,000+ profit. Also became a pro freelancer on the platform.

Digital Marketing Consultant For International Business Owners

He has very strong knowledge in all the areas of digital marketing as he had been a marketing trainer since 2018. He is very good in understanding the problems in a business that is holding it back from growing. He can build stong growth strategy for that business after analyzing it's problems. He provide consultation from digitalmarketinggig.com

Digital Marketing Trainer

He started his career as a Digital Marketing Trainer in many renowned companies in India. He learnt digital marketing by himself from youtube, blogs, free courses since 2013 and also by doing many marketing experiments on different business ideas.


Web Design, SEO, Social Media Ads, PPC Ads, Funnel Creation, Email Marketing & Automation, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing, CRM setup & Management, Dropshipping, lead & sale generation and many more.

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Blogrator Web Service is a Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency based in India. We have worked with many international clients from all over the world through the freelancing platforms. We have achieved a greate reputation on Fiverr.

We are now focused on serving in our own country at very affordable price.

We have gained a very good experience working with small to big clients since 2022. We have a very strong team who are very professional and talented. Blogrator is really proud having such a strong team and bonding with us.