How can a local store owner open his own online e-commerce store?

by Ranjan Barman

E-commerce store is a place from where you can sell your products. Suppose you are the owner of a shop and you do business locally inside your town/city/village. In this case, you sell products from a fixed place from your shop. But your selling capacity is limited in a town or city there can be thousands of more shops like yours. Then what are the differences between yours and the others? There are more, now a day’s competition isn’t between the same shops around your town/city/locality.

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Step by step guide to open free blog through WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. If you are going to open a blog then this tutorial will help you to open a free blogging site through WordPress. You also can make money by affiliate marketing from the free website if you want. But you won’t be able to use google adsense in this free website. WordPress will use their adsense ads in your free website.

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What is freelancing?

by Ranjan Barman

Online freelancing is very vast place for the freelancers. There are some popular platforms like Fiver, Elance, Freelancer, Truelancer etc where a person with some skills can give some services in the exchange of money. If you don’t know whether you have a skill to work as a freelancer then I tell you all you need is time and experience. You have to keep yourself engaged with the platforms. You have to check other people’s profiles, their topics and working methods. Also there are some tricks with that you can work as a freelancer.

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Affiliate marketing vs Google Adsense

by Ranjan Barman

Few years ago when I chose this field then I wasn’t confident whether it was real that one can make real money from Internet. This feeling is natural for every starter at the beginning. It happens because we don’t have enough knowledge and experience on the field basically when we start. Besides it will take sometimes to get experienced on the field when we will have acquired proper knowledge with time.

After involving in this field I met with a real person in my city and he has his own company and office. He makes really good money from affiliate marketing and he is just 2 years elder than me.

I started with my personal website and after writing some blogs I applied for Google Adsense. I also have my YouTube channel with 424 subscribers (51,831 views). I have near about 100 videos on my channel and it is also under Google Adsense program. I should mention here that my website has 10,000+ visitors/month till now.

But the revenue I get from Adsense doesn’t satisfy my hunger. So I started for looking other opportunities. I also understand that I almost need 1,00,000 active viewers/month in my website then I may get a healthy revenue from Adsense. It will take more time to establish my blog but what about now? Though it is also true that Adsense and Affiliate marketing both depend on heavy active viewers and solid blogs.

But for affiliate marketing there are some advantages that Adsense doesn’t. They are,

Advantages of affiliate marketing over Adsense
Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing
We can only put Google Ad codes in our blogs of our personal website that we own. We can put affiliate links to our personal blogs, other websites that we don’t own.
Revenue is low and depends on heavy traffic and clicks. Commission is 2% to 75% of the product price that we get per product sell.
Investments needed like you will need your personal website and rented web space. One can earn from affiliate marketing without investment and even without a personal website.
We can’t promote the Adsense codes directly though we can promote our website urls. We can promote the affiliate links directly by email marketing, advertising, posting the links to other social networking sites and also other free blogging sites as a comment.
You can’t add more than three ad codes in one page(read the Adsense policies). You can put as much links you want in one page (nobody cares).

There are also disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

  1. Your affiliate links may stop working if the seller removes his product without giving you a notice. But it will never happen with Adsense.
  2. If you are using WordPress then you can simply install a plugin and link it with your Adsense account. After that you
    don’t have to worry about the ad codes in your lifetime they will automatically choose place for displaying ads. Where you have to put affiliate links to every blogs you write.
  3. A user mayn’t need your affiliate product cause you can’t control what a user want. But Adsense can keep track of the visitor’s browser history. Adsense can understand what the user really want. So in this case the Adsense ads will attract the visitors not the affiliate links.

There are some popular platforms for affiliate marketing that anyone can choose.

  1. Amazon (
  2. Commission Junction (
  3. Click Bank (

and many others.