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Cook Punjabi dhaba style chicken bharta easily at home. The recipe contains a traditional bread recipe at the end

The chicken bharta is a bengali dish and the dish we’re going to make is influenced from punjabi style of cooking blended beautifully.

Bengal has people from almost every parts of the country including the foreigners for whom it served as a centre of meeting. And all these people has contributed to the unique cuisines of Kolkata. 

Let us get started with the list of ingredients that you’ll be needing for the recipe.

Preparation time- 10 minutes

Cooking time- 30 minutes

Total time- 40 minutes

  • Chicken half a kilogram (five hundred grams) boneless pieces
  • Two onions, large size sliced nicely
  • Two tablespoon of ginger and garlic paste
  • Four tablespoon of oil
  • One tablespoon cumin powder
  • Half tablespoon turmeric powder
  • Salt to taste
  • One tablespoon coriander powder
  • Three to four eggs
  • Half teaspoon cumin seeds
  • Four to six green chillies slit from the middle
  • Butter one tablespoon
  • Curd three to four tablespoon
  • Tomato puree one – fourth cup
  • Two to three tablespoons of kasuri methi (optional)
  • Two to three tablespoons fresh cream (optional)
  • Bay leafs
  • Red chilli powder 2 tablespoon
  • Garam masala powder – two to three teaspoons ( cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, white pepper)
  • Rose water

Preparation of chicken- to make bharta , after washing thoroughly the chicken should boiled first in water along with some salt until the rawness goes away. Check the chicken if cooked then put it in a pan and keep the stock for later usage. After sometime when the chicken cools down shred it with a fork in to very small strands so that it mixes well the masalas. 

Preparation of the eggs– boil three to four and carefully separate the yolk and the egg whites. Cut the egg whites into small pieces for garnishing. Now take the egg yolks in a bowl and mash it thoroughly put some drops of water if needed and keep it aside.

Preparation of the masala– cut the onions into thin slices. Make a paste of half the onions, ginger, garlic, along with the curd.

Instructions for cooking- Take a pan and heat it and put the oil in it. When the oil is heated enough put the green chillies, bay leaves, cumin seeds and onions to it and fry till golden brown.

After that put the masala paste in it, add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder z coriander powder and mix it well. Keep stirring continuously until the oil starts to leave. Now add the tomato puree and mix well. After 2-3 minutes as the chicken to it and keep stirring at some chicken stock is needed. When the chicken starts to mixes well with the masala add the mashed egg yolks to eat and some more chicken stock, simmer the flame and put the lid on let it go for sometime. After sometime when the smell of the masala is gone, and some butter and mix it well. When the chicken is cooked well with the masalas, put off the flame and add the kasuri methi, few drops of rose water, and garam masala to it. Garnish it with fresh cream and egg whites.

Your dhaba style chicken bharta is ready to be served !

You can have the chicken butter with any type of traditional breads like naan,chapatis, roti, tandoori roti, etcetera.

Here I’m sharing my favourite traditional bread recipe that also goes well with this particular recipe.

You’ll be needing flour half a cup, maida half a cup, salt, curd half cup, kachha awjain one tablespoon, half teaspoon, fresh herbs (optional), baking soda, hot water for kneading the dough. Put all the ingredients except water and curd and mix well. After that add the curd and start kneading the dough. Keep adding little amounts of water until the dough turns soft. Now put it in a untensil and cover it with a moist peice of cloth. Let it rest for half an hour. After resting the dough knead it once more before rolling it length wise to cut it into small pieces. Now roll the pieces into round shapes with the help of table and rolling pin. Cook it like chapatis adding some oil to it so that it doesn’t sticks on the tawa.

Your chapatis are ready to be served with the chicken bharta. You can also serve some salad if you want . Try it at home and let me know in the comments section how you liked it!

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How to make egg chicken dum biriyani at home? – Kolkata style

Biriyani is Mughal delicacy brought to Indians and since then it has become very popular among the people. It is being treated as a very luxurious food item that Indians use to have on occassions, special days and to treat people.

Biriyani is basically a gentle mixture of long grained basmati rice with chunks of flavoured chicken, mutton, potato, eggs, nuts, raisins and full of aromatic spices. Biriyani can be served with papad, salads, raita, lassi, etc. Whatever and however the way you like it. So let’s get started with the recipe.

Basically the biriyani is made in three parts. One goes with the preparations of the ingredients, the second with the making of biriyani masala and the third with the layering and making of biriyani. Let us list the ingredients that we will be needing for making biryani that serves four people.

Long grain basmati rice 500 grams.

Chunks of chicken 500 grams and put some cuts on it before marination.

Four eggs boiled and fried.

Two to three potatoes cut into large pieces blunched with some salt.

Curd 100 grams Onions chopped nicely three to four large pieces.

Ginger 1⅐ inch

Garlic 15-20 cloves

Jeera powder one tablespoon

Paprika powder 1 spoonSalt as taste

Garam masala ( elaichi, cloves, cinnamon, jaifal, nutmeg, bada ilaichi, star anise) powder

Turmeric powder

Milk one cup

Rose water

Kesar 15-20 strands

Itar / biriyani essence

Kewra jal


Vegetable oil

Preparation of rice– Into a pan boil some water with a little amount of salt and put the rice in and boil it till half along with the the garam masala ingredients without being powdered. Once the rice is half ton put off the flame and let the dice dry for some minutes. While, rice gets rid of the extra water we will be preparing our chicken for the biryani.

Preparation of chicken-We have to keep the chicken marinated with some curd, turmeric, salt, garam masala, ginger garlic paste, onion paste and rest it for half an hour. After that put some oil and ghee into heated pan. Now put the chopped onions and the marinated chicken into the pan and mix it for some time. Let it cook and keep checking. Put some water if needed. Once it’s done put off the flame and add some itar to it.

Preparation of biriyani-Basically the biriyani is made by layering the rice and chicken and putting it for cooking. Before that put some Kesar strands, garam masala powder, kewra jal two to three drops, rose water two to three drops, itar half tablespoon into the heated milk and to aside. Now keep the utensil in which Biryani is to be made and after that put two to three tablespoons of ghee and brush it all over. Now we are good to go to start the layering process of the biryani. The layering is to be done in four to five layers. Put some amount of rice and spread it on the bottom and now and a layer of eggs, the chicken curry which we have made before, the potatoes now put 3 to 4 tablespoons of milk mixture and cover it with some rice and repeat same process.

When you are done with the covering process at the extra amount of milk mixture to it from the top. This helped me and retain is moisture. Cover the top with some newspaper and then place the lid and put something heavy on the top so that the steam couldn’t get away. Cook it for about fifteen to twenty five minutes under low flame. After the above time put off the flame and leave it for thirty minutes. This will help biryani to regain its moisture and the desired texture.

Now open get rid off the newspaper and placing the lid give the pot a nice shake so that all the ingredients mixes properly. Your biriyani is ready to serve!

Here I’m sharing the recipe of my favourite side dish that I always make while I’m making biriyani. It enhances the taste of the biriyani more. Give it a try !

Raita recipe– To make this raita we’ll be needing one medium onion chopped, cucumber chopped nicely, half tomato chopped nicely, two hundred grams of curd, chat masala one teaspoon, rose water 2-3 drops, salt, jeera powder half tea spoon, red chilli powder half teaspoon. Mix all the ingredients properly and it’s ready to complement your biriyani.

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How I rescued a dog the story will melt your heart

Written by: Anuska Kundu

It was January 2019, when I first decided to give nature its most precious gift. As we know, these days it is called fearless behaviour to kill animals and being one of the most wonderful creatures on this planet, we love to hurt the weakest ones but exceptional is everywhere.

Since I am a human, I also had the similar habit of harming the weak ones but one morning, I suddenly heard a sound of crying, and gradually that sound became stronger. No more thinking! I rushed towards the sound and saw a little white dog lying on the ground.

I love animals but I never thought of their hardships of fighting with this barbaric world. But now the dog’s current situation made me cry, the puppy was hurt and screaming: we needed to help her. The screaming of the puppy forced everyone to go near her but no one came forward to help her (the little dog was a female).

Somehow I believed, “every small entity has its own value” and I was 17 years old when I first realized the pain of the animals through the puppy and took him in my arms. She was about 1 month old and she was dying, I didn’t know what to do. My parents were against me: “Why take on the responsibility of others when you know that you will not get any benefit from them?”

The shade of that puppy was unique, it seemed that God blended the colours white and peach perfectly. One of my neighbours told me to use a mixture of turmeric and lime in her wound. Since I brought that helpless and almost dead animal from outside, I was not allowed to enter my house, so I tried to collect those things from outside.

That day I understood that human beings have the worst mentality and felt lucky that I was not like them. When I went to use the mixture, I thought, how is this dog alive so far? The wound was so deep and severe as if someone hit her with a hot iron rod. She was screaming strangely as if she was trying to name those who had beaten her. I had no idea about their names but I understood that they are not human. There is no humanity in their souls.

No one came to support me even after hearing the horrible screams of the puppy. By then the puppy’s cries had not stopped, rather increased. People were telling me that the dog had no probability of survival, she would die in a few moments. Still I was trying to save the dog without listening to any of them. I realized that her bright eyes were asking for help from me, she needed to survive, she had to play, she wanted to enjoy her short life with glee.

I understood the language of her eyes and did not follow the words of the people. I realized that if I helped her, she would get a chance to play again. She was crying even more when I was using the yellow-lime mixture. That dog was suffering from a pain just as a fish suffers when it comes out of water.

However, I used that mixture because I had no other way. Her screams have not stopped yet and now I started to accept in the same way that she won’t live anymore. I was devastated to think that I might not have the power to save someone.

The road was empty, everyone understood that she would never get her life back. I had no choice but to return home but I couldn’t leave the dog so I came back with the half-dead animal. When I entered, my mother strictly said that if I entered with this injured animal, she would leave the house. So I left with that puppy.

I didn’t understand where I was going with the helpless little dog but I decided if the injured dog could not enter my house I would stay away from there indefinitely. I can’t be so selfish! I can’t ignore my responsibilities as a human being! I went to a lake far from home and sat there.

The little dog was breathing until then but I was crying to see her in pain. I would probably die with my dog that day if my dad hadn’t come there. I started to see all the people with the dog’s eyes and that was terrible. Suddenly I saw my father standing in front of the dog, I was scared. At that moment I realized my father’s hand on my shoulder and was shocked. I felt those hands like the light in the dimness. Then my father requested me to go back and I did that because I was worried about my wounded puppy.

As soon as we entered, I looked for my mom but could not see her. I asked my father about mom but he stood silent. The puppy began to cry suddenly and I asked my father for some food because she was hungry. We gave her milk to drink but she did not drink that. She did not take any single bite for 3 days consistently and I became tired;

I left all my hopes as I could not see my mom for 3 days and that puppy also was not eating anything. Now my father also told me to leave that dog but I cannot be like that! So one day I took her to a veterinarian and brought the medicines and foods with my pocket-money which I saved for my future needs. Apart from the wound, she had problems in liver and skin.

I returned home and told my father everything, he scolded me and said, “why are you wasting your money? You saved that for your own.” But I could not make anyone realize that the puppy became so close to me as I could feel her pain, her heart-beat, her language so how could I be so careless???

I used to cry every night for my mom and that puppy. One morning, my father told me, leaving our house, mom went to her father’s house. I could not tolerate these things anymore and went there on my foot; I walked for 4 hours consistently to reach there as I spent my whole savings to bring her life back so I had no money to ride any vehicle. I missed my mom for like 10 days and seeing her in front of me, I could not hold my emotions and kept requesting her to go back home. Now, mom became quite emotional and I could see her love for me in her eyes. I became quite happy to get my mom back and the puppy was recovering also.

Suddenly I don’t know what happened but my parents started to take care of that child during my absence. The medicines were working well on her health and I felt that my sacrifice had not been in vain. My puppy started to eat and it made me happy as well as satisfied.

I thought that everything would be fine within a few months and then I would leave her to her mommy but things did not go smoothly. One morning, I noticed that her wound turned into a big hole and I became silent for some time as my mind got blank. My father poured phenyl into the wound without any delay and I became very enraged to see that torture.

I left home again but this time I was alone. I was at my friend’s home for 7 days and decided to leave my parents forever. I could not live with those people who never tried to understand my feelings and who did not take responsibility as a human being. And I also decided to work for street-animals without anyone’s help.

I missed and cried for my puppy so much for those 7 days. One night, I woke up from sleep crying, yes I dreamt. I saw that people were burning street-animals alive and that dream affected me. I was getting into depression but I never thought that I had made any mistake. Then one morning, my parents called my friend and told her as if I returned home.

I had no will to return but I agreed because I wanted to see my puppy if she was dead or alive. So I returned and saw my puppy jumping on the floor as children jump when they feel happy. After seeing her, I forgot all of my frustrations. At that moment I was shocked also how the puppy got her life back. Then my father took her in his lap and told me everything which happened in the last 10 days. After listening to everything, I felt that yes! My parents love me for whatever I am otherwise they never took care of the puppy in my absence.

That day, I cried embracing my mom, I felt guilty that I could not understand her love for me. Meanwhile, I named my puppy: Rancho. But the problems did not end here.

After a few months, Rancho got sick again: she could not see anything with her one of the eyes. Neighbours kept saying again that she would be blind so we should leave her alone in the street. Rancho became like my child and my all-time partner. So how could I leave her when she needed us the most?

Again I consulted a vet but the medicines were not working so I had decided to arrange an eye operation for her. I had sold my gold earrings as I was not agreed to take money from my parents: Rancho is my responsibility. And after the operation, her eyes became normal and more bright. It feels lucky that I could be able to bring her eye-sight back. She was happy with us and she used to lick everyone who had come to our house.

But after 6 months, her stomach trouble had been found and my parents and I also became the victims of skin disease. Then everyone in my neighbourhood stopped talking to us because they thought that Rancho was responsible for it but it was not true. We got an allergy which was cured after some days. But Rancho became sicker so now my father decided to do her full check-up and 3 deadly diseases were found but as it was not so late, we could make her cure.

The whole society stood against us and left us alone because we tried to help her life. We tried to convince them but they never listened to us. This time I became so aware of the nature of human society who had not spared even a little soul .

Faced with so many problems, we never looked backward to save that precious life. Instead of blaming me, my parents started to be proud of me because I am not like other kids who say their parents don’t like animals and may have scolded them for bringing street animals to home.

Gradually the puppy became free from all diseases and she took about 6 months to return to her beautiful life.

Meanwhile, she became a member of the family; my parents had no more problems with her. Then suddenly we realized that the puppy has grown up into a beautiful, delighted dog and she always wagged her tail.

As days passed, the neighbours also started to love her because of her disposition and cuteness. Now it has been almost 2 years since she lives with us and we spend each and every free time with her. I fall more in love with her intelligence that she never bothers me when I do something important and she knows how to wait.

She waves her tail every time she sees a man and runs towards the man to spread more love. When I call my parents, my puppy also copies me. Now I cannot think my life without her and when I hear that someone wants to take a street dog home but he can’t because his parents don’t like it, I take it as an excuse to give up his responsibilities as a human being. So if we all can love and serve the street animals from the deepest core of our hearts, we will be able to make them as well as ourselves happy forever and our parents will also understand it as they love their children the most.