38 Common Website Problems and How to Fix Them

Creating and maintaining a successful website involves more than just great design and content. There are numerous technical and optimization issues that can arise, impacting your site’s performance, user experience, and search engine ranking. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems we encounter with websites and how to address them.

1. Google Analytics Connection

Problem: Not having Google Analytics properly connected can lead to a lack of insight into user behavior and site performance.

Solution: Ensure Google Analytics is set up correctly by adding the tracking code to your website. Regularly check the connection to confirm data is being collected.

2. Search Console Connection

Problem: Without Google Search Console, you miss out on essential insights into how Google indexes your site.

Solution: Verify your site with Google Search Console to monitor search performance, indexing issues, and receive notifications about critical errors.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools Connection

Problem: Similar to Search Console, not using Bing Webmaster Tools means missing out on search insights from Bing.

Solution: Register and verify your site with Bing Webmaster Tools to track performance and troubleshoot issues specific to Bing’s search engine.

4. SEO Plugin Optimization

Problem: SEO plugins not optimized can result in poor search engine rankings.

Solution: Use and configure an SEO plugin like Yoast or Rank Math to optimize meta tags, sitemaps, and other SEO elements.

5. Google & Bing Marketing Tools Connection

Problem: Not utilizing marketing tools from Google and Bing can limit your advertising reach and effectiveness.

Solution: Connect your site to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising for better campaign management and performance tracking.

6. Competitor Analysis

Problem: Without competitor analysis, you lack insights into what others in your industry are doing.

Solution: Use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to perform competitor analysis and identify opportunities to improve your own strategy.

7. Incorrect Pages in Sitemap

Problem: Incorrect pages in your sitemap can lead to indexing issues.

Solution: Regularly audit your sitemap to ensure it only includes relevant pages and is updated with changes.

8. Missing Meta Descriptions

Problem: Pages without meta descriptions can have lower click-through rates from search results.

Solution: Write unique, compelling meta descriptions for each page.

9. Duplicate Title Tags Issues

Problem: Duplicate title tags can confuse search engines and dilute keyword relevance.

Solution: Ensure each page has a unique title tag that accurately reflects its content.

10. Pages Have Duplicate Content Issues

Problem: Duplicate content can harm your search engine ranking.

Solution: Use canonical tags to indicate the preferred version of a page and avoid copying content across multiple pages.

11. Page Returned a 404 Status Code

Problem: Pages returning 404 errors provide a poor user experience and can affect SEO.

Solution: Regularly check for and fix broken links. Implement 301 redirects for removed pages.

12. Broken Internal Links

Problem: Broken internal links disrupt navigation and can affect search engine crawling.

Solution: Use tools to find and fix broken internal links regularly.

13. Unminified JavaScript and CSS Files Issues

Problem: Unminified files can slow down page load times.

Solution: Minify JavaScript and CSS files to improve site speed.

14. Low Text-HTML Ratio

Problem: A low text-to-HTML ratio can signal a lack of content.

Solution: Increase the amount of relevant text on your pages to provide more value to users and search engines.

15. Use Too Many JavaScript and CSS Files

Problem: Excessive use of JavaScript and CSS files can slow down your site.

Solution: Combine and minify these files where possible to streamline page loading.

16. Don’t Have an H1 Heading

Problem: Missing H1 headings can make your content harder to understand for both users and search engines.

Solution: Ensure every page has a unique H1 heading that accurately describes the content.

17. Images Don’t Have Alt Attributes

Problem: Missing alt attributes on images can hinder accessibility and SEO.

Solution: Add descriptive alt attributes to all images.

18. Outgoing Internal Links Contain No Follow Attribute

Problem: No follow attributes on internal links can affect page authority distribution.

Solution: Remove no follow attributes from internal links where appropriate.

19. Page Has Too Much Text Within the Title Tag

Problem: Title tags that are too long may be truncated in search results.

Solution: Keep title tags concise and within recommended character limits.

20. Duplicate H1 and Title Tags in Page

Problem: Duplicate H1 and title tags can confuse search engines.

Solution: Ensure each page has unique H1 and title tags.

21. Sitemap.xml Not Indicated in Robots.txt

Problem: Not indicating your sitemap in the robots.txt file can lead to crawling issues.

Solution: Include a link to your sitemap in the robots.txt file.

22. Orphaned Pages in Sitemaps

Problem: Orphaned pages are not linked from anywhere else on your site, making them hard to find.

Solution: Ensure all pages in your sitemap are linked from other pages.

23. URLs with a Permanent Redirect

Problem: Permanent redirects can cause unnecessary redirects and slow down the user experience.

Solution: Update links to point directly to the final URL.

24. Outgoing External Links Contain No Follow Attributes

Problem: No follow attributes on external links can prevent search engines from passing authority.

Solution: Use no follow attributes only where necessary and remove them from valuable links.

25. Only One Incoming Internal Link

Problem: Pages with only one internal link may be considered less important by search engines.

Solution: Increase internal linking to important pages.

26. Pages Are Blocked from Crawling

Problem: Blocking pages from crawling can prevent them from being indexed.

Solution: Review and update your robots.txt file to allow essential pages to be crawled.

27. Resources Are Formatted as Page Link

Problem: Incorrectly formatted resources can cause navigation and indexing issues.

Solution: Ensure resources are linked correctly and not mistaken for pages.

28. Issues with Blocked Internal Resources in Robots.txt

Problem: Blocking internal resources can affect page rendering and indexing.

Solution: Allow critical resources to be crawled in your robots.txt file.

29. Don’t Have Meta Descriptions

Problem: Missing meta descriptions can reduce click-through rates.

Solution: Add unique meta descriptions to all pages.

30. Issues with Mixed Content

Problem: Mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS) can cause security warnings.

Solution: Ensure all content is served over HTTPS.

31. Links on HTTPS Pages Lead to HTTP Page

Problem: Linking to HTTP pages from HTTPS can trigger security warnings.

Solution: Update all links to use HTTPS.

32. Blocked External Resources in Robots.txt Issues

Problem: Blocking external resources can prevent pages from displaying correctly.

Solution: Allow essential external resources to be crawled.

33. Issue with Incorrect Certificate Name

Problem: An incorrect certificate name can cause security warnings.

Solution: Ensure your SSL certificate is correctly configured for your domain.

34. External Images Are Broken

Problem: Broken external images can degrade user experience.

Solution: Regularly check and update broken image links.

35. External Link Is Broken

Problem: Broken external links can harm your site’s credibility and user experience.

Solution: Regularly audit and update broken external links.

36. Links on This Page Have No Anchor Text

Problem: Links without anchor text can be confusing and provide no SEO value.

Solution: Add descriptive anchor text to all links.

37. Sitemap.xml Not Found

Problem: A missing sitemap.xml can hinder search engine indexing.

Solution: Create and submit a sitemap.xml file.

38. URL with a Permanent Redirect

Problem: Permanent redirects can cause unnecessary delays.

Solution: Update links to point directly to the final URL.

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