Social Media Marketing Company In West Bengal : About and Benefits

Social Media is a very powerful tool that every business needs nowadays to survive in this digital market. This tool is for all types of businesses from small to big. Through this form of marketing, people get to discover, learn about, follow and shop for your brand on social media. With the rise in digitalization and about 60% of the world population online right now, if your company is not on a digital platform, you are missing out a lot.

Having excellent marketing on social media has the power to create more sales and brand recognition. Take the example of Zomato, through its smart and bold social media presence, this brand is one of the most used food delivery apps in India right now. Looking for a Social Media Marketing Company in West Bengal is a must for you if you are just starting your business out or if you are looking towards extending your business to a younger and wider audience. In this blog, we will be talking about the need for social media marketing as a business owner.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a type of digital marketing that is very commonly used for Business-to-customer transactions. It uses social media platforms to drive customers towards their website by advertising their products and services on social media. This type of marketing is used to convert normal social media users into potential customers. There are many different channels through which social media marketing is done. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are often used. Other sites like LinkedIn and WhatsApp are also used often to create connections between companies and customers.


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What are Different types of social media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a wide field and is divided into several types –

1) Content Marketing or Content Creation

Content marketing is a marketing approach where content is created and distributed to attract potential customers. By creating blogs, videos,   podcasts and so on, companies attract customers and therefore increase traffic to their websites. This in turn helps with increasing the consumer base and drives sales up.

2) Advertising and Sponsorship 

Advertising refers to a type of audio/visual marketing that uses public funding and non-personal messages to promote and sell products, services or ideas. It is generally a paid message that you can control when and how to use. Its common channels include magazines, newspapers, TV  radio, website social media platforms.

Social Media sponsoring is a type of collaboration where the brand or the company gives money or benefits to user accounts for promoting or selling their products. The sponsor can be a company or an individual that offers money in exchange for their promotion or service.

3)Influencer Marketing 

As the name suggests, in this type of marketing, Individuals or companies pay influencers to promote their products or services. Influencers refer to individuals or persons who have built a loyal audience through social media. They can be YouTubers, bloggers or someone from the social media community. With their loyal audience or fan following they have the potential to convert their audience into buying the products or services. This mode of marketing is organic as there is direct interaction between consumers so if put in proper efforts and directed properly it comes with enormous advantages.

A few examples are 

  • Sharing coupon codes so that an influencer’s audience gets a great deal
  • Product review and promotion
  • Sharing information about new product launches
  • Campaigns and collaborations between brands and influencers
Social Media Platforms

4)Social Media Management 

This is a long-term marketing approach. Initially, it might not give you a lot of followers or support but after a few years or so, you will be able to grow a large number of loyal followers. This in turn can bring you a significant amount of revenue and help to achieve a higher return on investment.

5)Paid Media Marketing

Paid media is an inorganic marketing approach that is managed by a paid placement agency. It simply means that the business pays placement agencies for advertisements. Recently paid media marketing has become very important as it ensures advertisement to a greater audience. It helps with boosting traffic, sales and conversation by click resulting in a rise in revenue.

How does a Social Media Marketing Company in West Bengal work?

With the rise in social media users all over the world, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and X have taken off really well. They connect businesses to their targeted audience. it does all the work from promoting content to obtaining personal information so that messages can resonate with users.

Social Media Companies in West Bengal and other parts of India help companies and individuals with Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies. These strategies are featured plans consisting of ways to interact with customers over social media platforms and how to boost organic traffic to platforms. 

Some key focus for these steps are 

  • Aligning SMM goal with the objective of the business
  • Learning about the target audience and their likes 
  • Analyzing competitors (both their success and failure)
  • Auditing your current SMM strategy, their success and failure
analyzing content
analyzing content

Then comes  Customer relationship management(CRM), as the name suggests Marketing companies manage interactions for the business. There are two types of interactions: Customer-to-customer and Firm-to-customer, companies use different strategies to help with such interactions and make them better. Unlike traditional marketing, SSM can track customer value by using their purchase and search history.

Marketing Companies help with the creation and publishing of shareable content. Such content attracts customers by engaging them at first glance. This gets them interested towards the brand and leads to purchase and share of content. This is a great way to get organic reach. These companies also help with Viral marketing and Tracking Metrics.

All these functions make Marketing companies really important for any business in today’s world to achieve success.


Social Media marketing is really useful in today’s world. By using these platforms to interact with customers, businesses can build brand loyalty, drive traffic and grow a customer base that will ultimately result in a rise in sales over a long time. As social media grows all around the world both via computer or mobile, the ability to drive sales has grown significantly. This is why social media marketing has become really important in this growing competitive market.